January photoshoot

Just like that, we’re in January again! Time is quite the foe, isn’t it?
(ok, I missed January by a day, quiet!)
So earlier this month I had a super fun photoshoot at Kat’s place. Kat is a model, known best under the name Schokpop and she’s a petite rainbow leopard I kept running into, but never really talked to since I’m suuuuch a coward when it comes to accomplished people 8D /nerd

THANKFULLY she’s absurdly nice and suggested we do a thing together. She even gathered her superhero team: Alana the photographer and Eline the Make-up artist.
I felt like such a useless dweeb at the shoot but they were soooo chill *-*

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Work room cleanup!

Hi again, Happy fall!

it’s been a while since I posted here, so sorry! x-x
BUT to make up for it, I have a quite embarrassing post lined up!

In this blog post, I’ll talk about work room organisation and you’ll see my shameful “before” pictures and my afters. I had no proper storage and I’ve never been the tidiest person so it escalated to a point where my work room was my “just put it there until I can put it away” spot, yikes!

ok, here we go:

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Abunai 2016

Soooo Abunai rolled around again and it remains my NUMBER ONE convention!
The organisation was the best so far, I had great neighbours and I met saw so many fun people ‚̧ They also have a really nicely curated dealer room with talented artists and original dealers! Even in the middle of a heat wave (again, guys? ūüėÄ ) it’s the best con. hands down.

here we go

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FACTS – spring edition

This was the first time facts has a spring edition. This happened under the new administration that owns several large conventions. They recently bought up FACTS and Antwerpcon and they seem to be gunning for a monopoly ?

Sadly this convention war means there’s several large conventions and we’re just a small country. facts was the 5th (!!!) weekend in a row with large conventions, including 2 comic cons and made in asia.

We sat out Made in asia for the first time since they started¬†as they also have a new administration that¬†raised prices to a point I couldn’t afford. FACTS, sadly follows the same game and they didn’t allow me to back out so I had to go, resulting in a loss for me (due to high table price and relatively small crowd that had already spent all their money on previous cons)

Luckily though, I HAD A GREAT TIME!! My brother and my buddy Bruno showed up and I got to meet Richard Dean Anderson !!!!!!!! (O’neill in stargate and MacGyver)

Here’s lin looking cute whileshe sets up. Let’s go!

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Brussels Comic Con

This year, lots of new conventions are suddenly popping up. Big corporations bought out loving nerds and are killing conventions in Belgium by making them soulless and taking out the magic of saving up all year to go.

Brussels comic con and starcom, however are hosted by nerds again! Someone that said NO MORE! and ¬†agree. I’m most likely quitting FACTS, Antwerp con, Japan expo and all the biggies and sticking to starcom (if it goes well), Tsunacon (which will be skipping a year) and Abunai. I just can’t afford all the raised prices on multiple conventions a month.

that’s a rant for another time, however and I owe a BXL CC REPORT! YEAH!
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Pastel Goth

Let’s talk about pastel goth.
It’s one of the fashion styles that I really love and get inspired by!
Please keep in mind these are my observations and opinions and I’m in no way a “master of pastel goth”. I just like the look of it!


I also like “classic goth”, but since I’m personally a fan of pastel shades and all things girly, this new fashion style is the perfect mix! Think creepy-cute. Use creepy things in cute colours or mixed with cute things.

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