Work room cleanup!

Hi again, Happy fall!

it’s been a while since I posted here, so sorry! x-x
BUT to make up for it, I have a quite embarrassing post lined up!

In this blog post, I’ll talk about work room organisation and you’ll see my shameful “before” pictures and my afters. I had no proper storage and I’ve never been the tidiest person so it escalated to a point where my work room was my “just put it there until I can put it away” spot, yikes!

ok, here we go:

First off: my drawing desk: it has 2 bars (of which 1’s installed) for hanging cups with markers. so I did have a system in mind, but never got around to implementing it.

Needless to say, not much arting went on here ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


Then: My actual desk. When we got this, I wanted a corner desk so I had 1 part for administration and 1 part forย production. It turned out bigger than I anticipated, but okay!
We got it at WEBA, which is like a knock-off IKEA. regrets are many. I can’t move the desk because it will fall apart. It’s soft, cheap wood so the screws have NO hold whatsoever.

BUT it can clearly hold lots of junk ^—^;;;;;


then there’s the last part with my shipping station. I SEEM LIKE A HOARDER! (who am I kidding, when it comes to cute stationery, I AM!)


okay, so clearly this isn’t working ๐Ÿ˜ฆ SO I set about to fix my favourite room, here’s the halfway point, with Bubbles at the window:


Isn’t this floor amazing?? it was covered in carpet so my fianceeย and his friends removed that, cleaned the floor and then sanded and treated it ;o; Sadly it’s a rental :p I love this house! But the landlord’s pretty amazing. ok, back to work! I tidied everything away, trying to focus on finding an actual spot for everything instead of just stuffing it out of sight or dropping it on the other desk. .

SO, we’ll start on the left hand side when entering and go clock-wise. this means my shipping station is first up:

DSC_0064.JPGAs you can tell, I sprayed it purple *-* It was a gift from my godfather and it’s just perfect! the left cabinet is for general crafting supplies like paint, cutting mats, glue etc. The right cabinet is for general office supplies like stationary, tape, label maker, extra printing paper, laminating sheets etc. The center part is all shipping. Starting from the tiny drawer

  • on top: stamps (organised by Belgium / Europe / World ) and a shipping tariff booklet. I also taped in a sheet with average weights of my products.
  • drawer 2: standardย size envelopes, discount code flyers, business cards, stamps+ink for my envelopes, empty cards for notes, stamp with return address.
  • drawer 3: Stickers (I have an insane collection) and freebies if I have any on hand
  • drawer 4: packing materials like bubble wrap and jewelry bags
  • drawer 5: large envelopes and a box in case I need it.

what else is in this picture: cat toy, pink boots I love but feel too old to wear so they’re new, an apron for painting, a muffin cafe box filled with pencils (I have SO MANY), an in-out box for mail, a magnet board, frames with originalย artย by other artists, an old-school scale for my mail weighing, a box of deco tape, a star-shaped tray forย buttons I no longer sell, old toys I LOVE, art books, wrapping materials in cute bags, my painting supplies (in a minnie mouse box!) and my small-item-stock on the right! whew!

I bet you can’t wait to see details of all that before we move on:


Next wall contains my smaller stock boxes, the heater and my drawing desk (not there when I took the pictures, but it now has a 45ยฐ light box my dad and uncle once made! so it’s much better for the back!


cat onย keyboard, sorry! have some pictures:


left part: stock! It’s pretty self-explanatory. I just need to shuffle some of my fancy boxes around so I can put the mug-cartons (cardboard box at the bottom) away in a prettier way and it won’t look so messy. This is most of the small stuff like accessories, decals and bookmarks. I have large boxes of T-shirts that I don’t want to drag upstairs! ย (I used to, when I only had a few)

DSC_0072My sister brought this Marie tsum-tsum from Japan and the care bear is the only vintage toy that’s not from my own toys as a child! By now there’s also a Cheshire tsum-tsum my fiancee got me *-*

The center part needs to remain clear as it’s the heater, but most of the the time there’s a blanket (now a pink one from my childhood!!! ) for the cats. the rest is quite obviously a Harry Potter shrine :p

DSC_0020DSC_0019ย The chess pieces are from the Harry Potter chess game and remind me of the band “Ghost” SO MUCH!! ๐Ÿ˜€ double win, I say! Moving on to the right, where my art desk is. be sure to check back to the top to see the ‘before’ picture.


My markers (gradually changing from touch markers to copic) are now sorted per colour group in cups, though I might see if I can find straight cups in cute colours, since these get slimmer to the bottom so it doesn’t fit as many as I hoped!


my skintones are in this cute box right underneath the cups, guarded by a borg! ๐Ÿ˜€


I have a thing with erasers, I really can’t help myself when I see any cute stationery, really x-x


they’re just all SO cute! (someone STAHP ME, I have over 150 cute erasers ;-; )


okaaaay, then we move on to the final part: my main desk!
I just realised I have 3 desks ._. one for drawing, the huge corner one and one that’s another floor up in my production room.


tadaa! All I need now is a desk chair on wheels. I just -really- want one in a pastel shade but I can’t seem to find any so I’m just using chairs from the dining table (we don’t keep it all folded out) to sit on. I just have to move them every time ย I switch stations so it’s not ideal.

DSC_0077I wasn’t joking about the stationery hoarding ._.
The cards up on the back are: a bookmark from webbelart (she does amazing animals!) – a SWIMMER card from Lin – a stunning birthday card my mom got me.

so these cute castles hold : coloured pens – pencils – regular pens – markers
the pink bowl holds pencil fillings and pencil caps, then a cute cup with swimming (THEY MOVE!) fishes in it that holds tiny highlighters, a mug of my own with pastel pencils and a mug I got waaaay back in highschool from a friend. That one has office supplies (glue, scalpel, scissors,…)


okay, okay, I love stationery. Sorry, we’re not there yet. (I’m not sorry :p )


Cute notebooks, stickers and deco tape! On top of that is my small work materials:


Niek is an old nickname from high school, my oldest friends still call me this ๐Ÿ˜€
Ok so I installed shelves. and with “I” I mean, the left one is done by me and can’t hold much because it WILL (and has before) fall off the wall. the right one, much sturdier, is installed by my fiancee. I am SO bad at this stuff ๐Ÿ˜€ it made some much needed room though!


I miss being 19 ._. *coughs* um. ok so. ON the shelves we have: (apparently not pictured, sorry!) my old barbie magazines and some cute notebooks with chip ‘n dale bookends. This was supposed to hold all my sketchbooks and notebooks and things but yeah. crashing ._.

Next to it, I put up my old “pokรฉmon studio” sets from waaay back when I used to love this. I made all my school labels and things with this but really only used the meowth images :p
Some my little ponies and a cute little plant waterer with an Edward Scissorhands sticker from dreamchaserart ! (look familiar? Her book is on display in front of my art books, next to the barbie.) That holds sticky notes so I can reach them quickly.


KERA magazine is something I’m crazy about. (I’m in one *-*) I love the fashion in it. too bad they’re so hard to get here ;-;

Baloo rocks.


OKAYYY, congrats! You made it through!! whew!
If you have any thoughts, tips or suggestions about my room (or want to show me yours?) feel free to drop a message below!

thanks for sticking with me!

Next up:

I’m prepping for another HUGE F.A.C.T.S edition, so the next post will be all I got up to at facts. see you there?


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