Brussels Comic Con

This year, lots of new conventions are suddenly popping up. Big corporations bought out loving nerds and are killing conventions in Belgium by making them soulless and taking out the magic of saving up all year to go.

Brussels comic con and starcom, however are hosted by nerds again! Someone that said NO MORE! and  agree. I’m most likely quitting FACTS, Antwerp con, Japan expo and all the biggies and sticking to starcom (if it goes well), Tsunacon (which will be skipping a year) and Abunai. I just can’t afford all the raised prices on multiple conventions a month.

that’s a rant for another time, however and I owe a BXL CC REPORT! YEAH!


Setting up was no fun. Tours & Taxis (the expo hall) has loading docks at the back. which means you park in a bay area and the actual docks to get in are about face-height. SO this either means lifting everything above your head, lifting your boxes up stairs OR going around the entire length of the building to use the ramp. Luckily build-up times are usually scattered so I parked near the ramp and we did LOTS of walking.



So organized! we did it! (and look at all my new glittery baaggss *dance* )
Let the people come!

*cricket noises*

ok so the first day, even though sold out, went horrible. barely any sales (anywhere)  and since the tables were pushed together, there was no escape. There’s no disgrace like crawling underneath your table 😦 In the Netherlands they leave space every few tables in case of fire.

Sadly, I only captured a few pretty cosplays!

DSC_0055 LOOK AT THIS STRUTTING, HANDSOME BEAST! I was very much amused.

DSC_0076 The Witcher cosplay, OMGG


DSC_0096 Someone from the Belgian Potterheads built this 2KG hat! omg *-* and the girl looked so elegant but I was distracted by DAT HAT!

DSC_0078 Fashion wise, I was really happy to see these cute decora girls! I always loved decora, but it’s so rare these days 😦

Here’s some mood images:

DSC_0067 wonderlanddesigns always has these stunning hats and FINALLY a website! 

DSC_0088matches mah mermaid theme B)

DSC_0091 such many cute! with their awesome unintentionally matched star wars outfits!

DSC_0070 kindof wanted to bring my man home a homer mug. but I wasn’t making any cash and you know. I print my own mugs. so. there’s that? We did have someone complain about our mug prices since “other sellers only asked €8 so we should lower our prices”. yeah. no.

DSC_0071These  little suckers were in almost every booth.

DSC_0079 our neighbours to the right sold collectible cards, they were super nice people.

DSC_0080 our neighbours to the left sold board games, but since they were from the french part of Belgium, we didn’t talk that much. ^–^;

DSC_0081 people and a line of wigs


DSC_0087 My honorary Belgians (from the Netherlands) Monique and Nick ARE EXPECTING A BABY AND I’M SO EXCITED !

DSC_0074My stickers :3

DSC_0075 Lin and her accusing face

DSC_0097around 3-4PM everything was dead. considering we were going ’till 7PM, this sucked so bad. The actors left since they had nothing to do, either. and we had to listen to a french charm singer, blasting loudly through the hall. x-x

DSC_0086 Tonks *-* I was creeping around in the back, getting bad pictures of her. Too bad  missed twin peaks’ giant / the addams family’s lurch 😦

DSC_0062 we’re getting old, bby ❤

DSC_0065 I have the awkwardest of hands ;o; but I didn’t want to leave out pictures with friends ;w;

then Lin and  I drove home, I complained, she listened, we got kebabs and watched the hannah montana movie (Lin kept confusing her with lizzie mcguire lol) and mean girls. Then I dissed her forgetting of the buttons some more and we picked out outfits for the next day.

DAY  2


On sunday, the organisation decided to sell tickets at the door (even though both days were sold out, it’s a first-time con so people didn’t stay all day) and sales were much better, I still turned a loss though 😦

I ruined this picture, but the golden mask was really well done and she had such pretty henna hands!

DSC_0109 I DONT EVEN! WHAT! AWESOME! Trelawney and umbridge! (they kept making funny jibes at each other, so funny!) such sweet ladies, too! Trelawney hand-made both their wands.

A kitty ring for Dolores Umbridge? 😀 I feel honored! She later also bought a matching bag!

I don’t know what character this is, but I loved her look!

This girl looked so elegant! Even her make up was really pretty. *-*


DSC_0404 Moving the cars past our iles at clean-up. just a delorean, what? 😀

DSC_0406 and Knight rideerrrrr! the tune played from the car all day and lin was going craaazzzyyyy 😀

Then it was time for break-down and packing up. all went well, until we went to get the car. remember the loading bay I talked about earlier? there was also a fashion show going on next door, they had actual TRUCKS blocking the way so we had to wait TWO HOURS until we could actually pick up the car and start loading up. I got a spot near the ramp (but I still had to drag the heavy cart over the cobblestones and that was a no-go. so I moved the car further down and stole a spot at the docks. which means lin brought the boxes on the cart and I draggd them from the bay (face-height, remember) to put them in the car. this was a crazy work out, but if I had listened to the stewards, I would have broken my cart, my boxes would’ve hobbled off the cart so many times I might as well have carried them and I would have been home even later and crankier! needless to say I was piiissseeeddddd >[ so I’m never doing any conventions at Tours & Taxis again!

and lastly: selfies and outfit shots :p My outfits were picked from the ones I put together for the giveaway.


DSC_0125DSC_0397 up or down?


❤ see you next tiiiime



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