Giveaway !

Ooohh how exciting! Free stuff!

With the launch of the new webshop, all fitted tees went on sale at half off.
Because I’m all about encouraging people to ditch the dull, I put together some outfit suggestions for these shirts.

All you have to do to win the giveaway is pick a favourite outfit from the ones below,
Then you share the promotional image of that outfit on facebook and VOILA! you’re in the running.

Sadly the giveaway is over, but please keep checking back for new promotions! 

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Japan Expo 2015

Japan expo… Where do I START?
I was looking forward to this convention for YEARS! call it a crowning piece.
It’s the biggest one and I have fond memories as a visitor way back when.

So we finally decided it was worth the leap and started. I started off driving an hour in the wrong direction, thanks, self.
There was LOADS of drama with a passenger we picked up which I totally regret doing 😦
BUT none of that! let’s get to the con itself!

setting up:


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AntwerpCon 2015

I didn’t take too many pictures at Antwerpcon this year because, well… It’s a JUNGLE. And I’m not talking about crazy cosplayers or weird layouting of tables, no. I am talking TEMPERATURE and humidity.

Picture a convention made up of 2 giant hangars. the floor is concrete, the temperature outside is nice and inside is STUFFED with people, but there’s no airconditioning, just 2 open hangar doors.

At the end of Antwerpcon, the concrete floor was soaking wet. There’s just no air to breathe. It’s one of the most uncomfortable conventions for sure. However, location and crowd are great. so we soldier on!

Have some really neat cosplay/fashion: