StarCom / Ghent comic con 2016

Hi agaaain,

I’m here with another CONVENTION RAMBLE! I was going to skip this one but I had some things I really wanted to say so I’ll post a short one now and I promise a behind-the-scenes look soon, yeah?

okay. here we go:

SO starcom. Where do I begin.

We’ll begin with the name. Oh the name. Starcom is from the same guy that owns Brussels comic con (remember that disaster? no? read it here.) He’s all about vintage toys and does not give 2 cupcakes about the “kawaii” part of the convention. I ordered my tables for both conventions at the same time and paid them at Brussels comic con.

SO. starcom was booked and coming up, I was looking forward to it. after all, with Made in asia becoming insanely expensive, there isn’t really any cute convention left and starcom was always a bit of a mixed bag. So it attracted customers from the kawaii world as well as steampunk, hipsters, gamers and comic and sci-fi nerds. perfect balance. The name “comic con” however eliminates a lot of these categories in people’s minds and costs me customers!

However, the organizer prefers having all his conventional ducks in a row or just rides the name high, I don’t know. But all of a sudden, the Starcom facebook page became the “Ghent comic con” facebook page. I think communicating a name change to your dealers is a given. especially less than a month before the actual con, no ? Apparently not. It’s mostly sad since their motto is that they’re not a standard convention. From geeks for geeks.

Needless to say there was a LOT of confusion at this point and when I marked my facebook page as “attending”, a friend responded with her confusion and asked if I knew if this was the same con, if there were 2, if it was cancelled or what. Since all they did was change the name and add a schedule for starcom.  I don’t really get it either, but  I responded that I wasn’t sure and that I thought it wasn’t okay they didn’t even notify their dealers. To this the owner responded with the GCC account “haters gonna hate” as well as a post with just ” 🙂 ” and a repost from the schedule that was right below our post.

I responded I didn’t like being called a hater since all I expected was some professionalism. All of a sudden I get a friend request from him and he posts something along the lines of “come on vero, I already changed it” but hey,  we’re not friends. Don’t try to pass off your unprofessionalism as friendly banter.

SO. needless to say, I lost my appetite for this convention but no backing out now!

Set-up went smooth and it was a beautiful day, everything looked great and I went to park my car from the loading area to the underground area, where dealers could park for free, just as they told me to.

I needed to get a few more things from the car, but Lin insisted I help her set up first and get the things later, so I did. (it was food, drinks and the money and such) however. The con had opened and I went to find the elevator down to the car park: all doors were locked. I couldn’t reach my car. thank goodness, Beatrice was helping me. She’s a friend and fellow artist that sometimes saves my life on conventions! We tried every floor, every entrance and even checking the car ramps, but the garage gates were closed firm.

So we found the organiser and told him about our predicament. He basically told us it was the event hall itself that closed everything off (a warning may have been nice since starcom told us to park there???) and he turned around, to talk to more important people. so that’s the end of that. Beatrice and I didn’t think this was okay so we went up to the top floor, which was corded off and not being used. we kept turning halls further and further into the building until we bumped into someone from the building, who opened up the elevators for us. but finding this guy was starcom’s job? no?

SO if you TLDR, that was one big rant and we’re moving onto the actual con now :

One of the first things that happened is: I met Axana (that’s her real name, cool isn’t it??)


Isn’t she cute? we have so much in common and I just want to keep hugging her ;o;

DSC_0007 Merel pretty much always looks fab, but dayum this outfit ;o;


requires 2 photos. yup.

I also didn’t take that many since my fiancee came over and I went to check out the con with him (this neveerrr happennnssss omgggg )


When I got back this was the situation at the booth! Lin and Beatrice hanging out and Axana with some girl I don’t know 😀 funtimes at madmodesty! I’d love to say I got back to work but… you guys probably learned from my previous posts that I’m not all that useful ._. ah well 😀


Just one more shout-out to this crazy bunch! They’re amazing and check out kara’s art !

Sorry for the mega rant but I can’t deal with such blatant unprofessionalism. 😦
I promise the next post will show you what a mess I can make and what my art room looks like, deal? 😀






2 thoughts on “StarCom / Ghent comic con 2016

  1. billythetimecat says:

    I don’t know what is going on with the conventions in Belgium but they are F*** it up big time. Only the money is what counts, not the love for the culture of fantasy,sciencefiction or other stuff. Only the money is important. It will kill all the conventions in short time.

    Liked by 1 person

    • MadModesty says:

      I know a lot of “smaller” dealers are backing out of a lot of conventions. It’s just too expensive and too much hassle and bullsh°t. It’s the same for me.
      Not sure if I’ll be doing any next year; which isn’t great for business either 😦

      Liked by 1 person

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