walkthrough – JEM chibi

Since it’s the first time I’m selling an original drawing, I thought it might be fun to make progress photos to show how I go about it. Sadly, I get so engrossed in my markers, I don’t have any there, but the rest should be interesting, no?

I even included a mounted picture to see the full finished result!

Pencil drawing. I got this pencil from friends that went to Japan and brought me one of my favourite things from my favourite shop, SWIMMER ! *-* thans again, guys!

Inking: I use copic multiliners. They have a bunch of colours available in a 0.3 and brush pen. I used 0.3 here in colours matching to the ones I intend to use to fill in.
Multiliners are awesome because their aluminum body is nearly indestructible and you can cheaply swap out the inks and nibs so you basically have immortal pens. These are also one of the few that don’t smudge under touch markers’s aggressive ink.

I try to pass over the lines once to minimize smudging with the eraser as I use the marker paper, which has a film over it.

Erase the pencil lines! carefully, since it’s thin paper. I’ve yet to find a thicker marker paper with the film on it 😦

Short fun fact, I have over 170 cute erasers. x-x this one I brought from London!
Here you can see the box I had to replace to day with a sturdier model:DSC_0311

Then I go over all the lines again, adding weight where needed (some people like to do this after filling in the colour)

So people mock me with the amount of pinks I have. finally I can say: HA!
Here all the marker bits are done!

Highlights! I use a POSCA marker. they’re amazing. they’re pens that come in different colours and nib sizes (from fine to really thick) and contain acrylic, waterproof paint!

all done. I’m quite sure you learned nothing from this! 😀
BUT you can buy the drawing in my shop.
I’ll include a picture of the shelf above my desk now (where I temporarily mounted this drawing for the sales image) since it’s such a good fit:

Jem-wall I’m still going to add a third polly pocket house in front of the ones already there, put a barbie next to ken and finally go on that mission to dig up poor ginger spice 😦
BUT these require getting up on the attic and that ladder has some vendetta with me?

I hope you enjoyed ^–^


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