Abunai 2016

Soooo Abunai rolled around again and it remains my NUMBER ONE convention!
The organisation was the best so far, I had great neighbours and I met saw so many fun people ❤ They also have a really nicely curated dealer room with talented artists and original dealers! Even in the middle of a heat wave (again, guys? 😀 ) it’s the best con. hands down.

here we go


OMG OTTERS!!!!!! *-* there were also ferrets and hamsters and OMG SO MUCH CUTE !!!!!!


I think this is a cool idea. it matches, keeps your drink hot and you can put your tea bag on it later. too bad I can’t print on these myself ;o;


MINNIE MOUSE SNACKS??? €3 is a bit steep for me but I love this !


Then I saw these figurines and OMG THIS IS CUTE !!!!


These are the current MadModesty rings, which is your favourite?


These have both a pin and clip back so they’re super versatile, they also glitter and have holographic wings. They nearly sold out so I’ll put them in the shop as soon as I make more!


This necklace is the current fave, I only have 1 left, but purple versions are coming up soon!

DSC_0012Then we got a visit from Mariselle, who I swear is just the prettiest, cutest little thing! see?:

I want to keep her ;o;

DSC_0027in off-moments I played with my tama !

The example art for the commissions was requested by Lin: Haryka Nanase from Free!


These are the amazing neighbours I talked about ! They were so kind and helpful and funny!!

Then I stopped by the WACOM stand to look at cintiqs *-* I missed Loish completely, but I was really hoping to see cyarin . Though every time I got near her booth, I freaked out and left 😦 she seemed really sweet though !

Cutie at my booth !

Then Bill Cypher showed up and booyyy this was convincing!

DSC_0052DSC_0092DSC_0093DSC_0055 Summer Tales Boutique is the cutest shop ever, I wanted to get a necklace and tights but didn’t get around to it 😦 Not to mention some cute kitty pencil cases!! Hope we’ll be close together at facts!


DSC_0058Then Axana came by to say hi!!

DSC_0076 Here’s a commission I did of a beautiful doll! I got to style her in pastel goth fashion the drawing, too!


I don’t know what the first cosplay is from , but it looked so cool ! The beautiful fairy on the right is a fellow Belgian, she looked soo pretty and her dress had lights and everything!!


And that’s it for Saturday!, I was exhausted but it was so much fun!! I didn’t take any pictures on Friday because I had an extremely long day and 3 ( !!! ) traffic jams got me there with only 15minutes before opening instead of the planned 3 hours ;-;

On to Sunday, where I started the day by finally getting a good look around the dealer hall!

DSC_0082 DSC_0083 DSC_0084 DSC_0087
These pretty babies are COMPLETELY HANDMADE by CyanFoxDesigns and I seriously wanted the pink one. I think I’ll get it when they get posted on etsy, depending on shipping ;o;


Chubi is a stand filled completely with this cutie 😮


I took these pictures before the owner got there so I never got the chance to buy anything 😦 Though looking through the Abunai dealer registry, I couldn’t find them ! 😦  )


Kitties ! 😀


This awesome group!


Then my model from the day before came back and got a batcat hairclip !
All I have left now are the 2 other commissions! one of a really cute couple and 1 for Mariselle (that cute maid from earlier!) She commissioned Rin and Haru from Free! 😀


DSC_0102 That’s all, folks!

The next blog post will be about my workspace, like I promised earlier!!


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