FACTS – spring edition

This was the first time facts has a spring edition. This happened under the new administration that owns several large conventions. They recently bought up FACTS and Antwerpcon and they seem to be gunning for a monopoly ?

Sadly this convention war means there’s several large conventions and we’re just a small country. facts was the 5th (!!!) weekend in a row with large conventions, including 2 comic cons and made in asia.

We sat out Made in asia for the first time since they started as they also have a new administration that raised prices to a point I couldn’t afford. FACTS, sadly follows the same game and they didn’t allow me to back out so I had to go, resulting in a loss for me (due to high table price and relatively small crowd that had already spent all their money on previous cons)

Luckily though, I HAD A GREAT TIME!! My brother and my buddy Bruno showed up and I got to meet Richard Dean Anderson !!!!!!!! (O’neill in stargate and MacGyver)

Here’s lin looking cute whileshe sets up. Let’s go!

DSC_0390 This NAKED Dobby statue was in plain view from my booth and it’s just so very disturbing. Someone give that poor elf his pillowcase back!

DSC_0392DSC_0396 Since we’re on the topic of statues, I saw these cuties, but I’m not sure where they’re from?  It’s cute cosplaying kitties!

DSC_0397 Nearing 11 AM, the back part still looked a bit desolate, but look! Our friends’s shop Otaku Shoppu ! (also, what’s with the smoke machine and the COLD?)

DSC_0402DSC_0403 Since everything took a lot of time to get started, I got a chance to look at some shops and this one drew my attention. You all know how much I LOVE 90’s toys ❤
Sadly, I found the quality lacking as the polly pocket had missing parts, the ponies were dirty and the barbies seemed a mess. These shops are becoming a trend? Posing as vintage toys, but being more like a flea market instead of collectibles?

DSC_0391 Makoto spotted! She already had one of my Rin stickers on her phone! 😀

DSC_0398 Ellen (left) and Hanne (right) showed up! I can’t tell you how happy I was to see them? I used to work with these girls. they’re truly good people! (and adorable minions!) They even bought matching items:

DSC_0404 Glitter 8D

DSC_0414 DSC_0415 Then I met another ex-colleague: Rupa! She is so beautiful and totally understands the madmodesty spirit! Ditch the dull and make fashion your own! I love what she did to this shirt *-* she looks stunning!

DSC_0422 More in the “wearing Madmodesty items” category! Ellen is a fellow dealer and sells comics with her husband. they are SO sweet and we had great talks! I believe the own every major madmodesty shirt *-*

DSC_0406DSC_0408 DSC_0410 Babs and Agnes came to say hi and Lin and I joined them in a rant ❤ talk about old days!

DSC_0419 SO CUTE! I LOVE KOTEOSA-KEI though I couldn’t think of the term at the time *facepalm* she pulls it off so well though!

Then we move on to cosssppllaaaayyy !

DSC_0417 Need I say more?

I love this Snow White design *-* she also had the dwarves on her bag! how clever!


DSC_0427 Storm troopers always have a good sense of humor 😀

DSC_0429 impressive *-*
I ran into these guys when my brother and I went to try and see Richard Dean Anderson for the umpteenth time, but the line was always ridiculous and as a dealer, you just can’t afford to ditch your booth too long!

RICK! I laughed so hard at this guy 😀 great job!

DSC_0431 so she was. naked. nips nips nips.
I found out later she was a walking ad for a new tv show. I thought it was weird since there’s so many children? buuuttt we’re not as crazy about nips as MURICAH. no one seemed to mind. at all.

DSC_0412 and lastly I have these pretty ladies. Annelies has the prettiest glitter make-up and Laura did an AMAZING job on that wig! (she styled it herself using 2 wigs whaaat) these girls are so lovely *-*

we went back to see Richard Dean Anderson, but the line closed right before the person in front of me 😦 even though there were only 4 people left waiting behind the line in the end, they didn’t allow him to sign for them (though he wanted to!) SO MANY DISAPPOINT
——- DAY 2 

Since there really is a lot to see at FACTs and I finally had some time to go take some pictures, I did! *cries over sales* DSC_0434DSC_0435DSC_0436DSC_0445DSC_0453DSC_0454DSC_0467DSC_0468DSC_0475DSC_0472

Apart from cool scenes, there’s lots of cool people, too!

DSC_0437 A mad scientist,DSC_0441 cool bounty hunters,DSC_0463 a muppet, DSC_0461 a group of post-apocalyptic survivors,

DSC_0480 Unity & Rick


DSC_0484s Once again, we missed out on Richard Dean Anderson. he was doing his photoshoot and the morning had a HUGE line again. so I talked to the guard and explained saturday’s fiasco and the dealer thing. He gave us a ticket so we could skip most of the line later!
Then my brother and I got a picture at the gate, at which he said “why can’t we ever get normal pictures?” hehe. that’s what you get in a sci-fi family!

DSC_0486.JPG A wookie and a rebel pilot on the way back !

DSC_0490DSC_0492DSC_0493DSC_0494DSC_0495 McKay !

Then we finally made it back to the table (Poor Lin, when sales are slow, I’m goonnneee)

DSC_0497Bruno showed up. he’s awesome. They went to play lasertag 😀

DSC_0500 Angels!

Too bad their full picture failed completely 😦 but here’s one of Annelies. I call it “small girl, big energy drink”

OH ANNSO *-* gazillion regrets that I didn’t have time to talk to her here ;-; but it was time to FINALLY  get our autograph D:

Unfortunately, he didn’t sign textiles so he couldn’t add his signature to our shirt that Christopher Judge signed as well, but they sold actual movie prop replicator blocks that were mounted on cardboard so we had that signed and my brother gifted me a beautiful replicator block necklace *-* illwearitforever.

he asked if he knew me and I explained we were part of the sad little group that was unable to get an autograph the day before, he felt bad about it. I tried to cheer him him up by giving him the gift I brought:


A stargate T-shirt from my shop, with a matching earth chevron button. to this he said “now I feel even worse! ” he’s so sweet.
Then I explained how I designed and printed it myself and he was super impressed and loved the shirt! though he said he didn’t have my figure to wear it and I went a million shades of red 😀 He’s a good person that works tirelessly to make his fans feel appreciated.

When we walked back ,the con was nearing the end so we had the space to take more pictures!

DSC_0509 Aragog looked SO scary!

DSC_0510 You could pose between Aragog’s  legs but this was as close as I dared go.

DSC_0505 another pass by the impressive Tie-interceptor!


Voldemort casually rolled by, cursing people.

DSC_0519 Someone needs to take this zombie to the lost and found! he seems so lost.

Heading back for clean up! This is a cool statue, but it’s missing the stormtrooper attitude!



Not sure if I’ll be returning to the main edition. If the prices stay the same, I won’t.
*heart breaks*



One thought on “FACTS – spring edition

  1. annelies crul says:

    hahaha, that second picture of me, with the giant energy drink is amazing :p It was amazing talking to you guys again, you are always so sweet ^-^ I hope to see you again at cons this year! 😀


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