FACTS 2016

Oh wee, oh my, it’s been another facts. this one marked my 8th year as a convention dealer! Sadly, this might just be my last edition 😦

s-s-s-s-ooooo ! Since conventions are getting increasingly expensive and sales are dropping every year, I decided to bring my brother to help me out. He came by on Friday to help me set up. In the pouring rain. ew. buuut he helped me navigate the halls with my car so we didn’t have to drag things out of the car in the rain. score.

Organisation is smooth and professional, as usual, but what remains the same is the crappy set-up. Since Artexis is running the show, you pay extra for tables and chairs (where they used to be included). However, there’s no control on this paid stuff which means other dealers just come take away tables and chairs they need from people that haven’t arrived yet, meaning we had no tables and chairs. Being located on the far end of the hall, meant we had to go and drag all that stuff over ourselves (SERIOUSLY?) and we were lucky there were even tables left :/ I also saw no staff or security during the convention at all. so no one checked this stuff or checked for bootleg because in Belgium, we apparently don’t care.

So. day 1 – Saturday:


It’s me! yay.


Then Beatrice showed up and helped out because she and Lennert are a-ma-zing! and she’s looking smoking, as usual! (also, thunderbirds: YEAH!)

dsc_0441 Awesome Magicarp ranger!


Snape and Luna! *-* They were so on point!


Annelies is genderbending in a way that’s SO cute I might have to hit her with those pom-poms! On the right is Gaia, my model, looking baad-aaassss! I’ll miss this the most about conventions 😦 the people I’ve come to see as friends ;o;


Lastly for Saturday, My brother (on the right) in his portal suit! He met a fellow portal cosplayer, which is great! 😀


So cute! Gravity fall’s Mabel and a genderbend Dipper! (too bad they didn’t bring Waddles.  I love waddles)


Proving to my brother his beard is getting out of control. Because it is. He wasn’t feeling too well, but thankfully I also have a sister! she came to relieve Benjamin the next day.


So at first these guys were a bit suspicious since I was flat-out staring, lol! 😀 But I explained it’s just that I didn’t recognize these ponies and they look AMAZING!! Check the right one’s tail! They were so soft ;o; These guys designed them themselves, how cool is that?


R2 passing by like it’s nothing. (I love this little cutie so much)


A cute af D.va on the left and then what my brother claims is THE PERFECT COSPLAY. 😀 (I never watched bob’s burgers but this couple is so adorable!)

I didn’t take too many pictures since slow sales made me lethargic and cranky and then drama happened:

Sara, my friend from fluff ‘n tuff, got robbed ! I mentioned earlier, no staffers or security were around all day and look what happens! She was talking to a customer, turned around to get change, except there was no more money in her till ! (they left a few fivers, bastards.) To get to her till, a large, heavy, wooden display was moved out of the way and they had to reach all over the table so it wasn’t a theft of opportunity. When she reported it to the police, it turned out she was the third victim so far (and I heard from 2 others after). Our MANDATORY insurance Artexis makes us pay for is void when it comes to cash and they make no gesture to help her out. nothing. I wouldn’t be SO pissed about it, weren’t it so that they did NOTHING to prevent this. No security to speak of, no staffers anywhere in sight and NO ONE warned the other dealers this was happening. is that not what you do when you see a pattern like this? send someone by the dealer tables for a quick “please mind your cash box and valuables while we try and track down thieves” ? nope. they don’t care. they already got paid. so Sara and the others were left to fend for themselves.



MadModesty OUT!


Day 2 – Sunday


Table set-up ! Let the games BEGIINNN ! !


Heh! These made me smile. I especially loved smee with the adorable little croc!


These 2 girls were SO elegant! (though I didn’t realize they spoke french and my monologue AT them might’ve been a little awkward x-x )
The lady on the right made that WICKED headpiece herself with just — pauze for dramatic effect — HOTGLUE !!! it looked amazing and stunning and so terribly cool and I never would have guessed! the attention to detail was incredible ;o;


The arrival of Beatrice is always something I anxiously await! she’s a breath of beautiful, helpful air! 😀 My sister also arrived and looked adorably pastel goth so I’m kicking myself for not getting a picture ;o;  But it did give my brother and me a break to check out the fanvillage!!


Chillin’ in our ride. Like Luke and Leia. (thanks to my collegue, Saartje, whom we just happened to run into! whoo!)

dsc_0490 Klingon warbird commander. So?



Can you tell I LOVE DROIDS?


A couple in some AMAZING fashion and on the right is Annelies again, looking stunning as D.va! please stop looking this perfect? ;o;


YAY MEOWTH OMG MEOWTH YAY LETS BE FRIENDS! (I’m also totally digging Jessie’s hair!)


When you ask someone to take a picture for them and then complain the framing isn’t what you wanted. 😀 I’m sorry, thanks for taking this picture for me!


Top: Romy and crew / Bottom: Babs and crew! I saw Zootopia is on Netflix and I’m totally planning on watching but expectations have grown so freaking high now!


This looks like selling action at my table but no. the most action my table saw was cleaning up. For I which I sincerely want to thank Beatrice, Lennert and Mattias. thank you guys for working hard, wasting your time and waiting for me to be able to leave ;-; ❤

It’s not until after closing that I still saw my 2 girls with the BEST looks of the entire damn convention (since J-fashion seems to be banned? idek) and I only get a minute with them ;—; missyougurrlzzz


there. Then I went home, cried over my earnings and slept for a week.



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