January photoshoot

Just like that, we’re in January again! Time is quite the foe, isn’t it?
(ok, I missed January by a day, quiet!)
So earlier this month I had a super fun photoshoot at Kat’s place. Kat is a model, known best under the name Schokpop and she’s a petite rainbow leopard I kept running into, but never really talked to since I’m suuuuch a coward when it comes to accomplished people 8D /nerd

THANKFULLY she’s absurdly nice and suggested we do a thing together. She even gathered her superhero team: Alana the photographer and Eline the Make-up artist.
I felt like such a useless dweeb at the shoot but they were soooo chill *-*



This was only a TINY part of Eline’s war kit. While I waited for the make-up to be done, I took some ~super artsy~ photo’s of Eline & kat:





Even though it’s really interesting to watch Eline work and watch Kat transform to a pastel goth goddess, I had to get the styling ready! I intended to get one outfit shot with a sweater/T-shirt option and brought a spare for each.

I made sure to style the spares a bit as well and good thing I did, since we ended up shooting 3 outfits!!


So many goodies *-*
Alana set up the light while Kat did her hair and I fawned over Kat’s make-up room:




Seriously, even her trash is too cute ;o;
Then we had creepers company:


Which means t’s time to shoooootttt 8D yay! I always shot my own pictures for MadModesty but it’s just not the same as a professional’s work.


==> Alana getting her light checks on


==> Poor Eline having to crawl under the bed to turn some lights on >8D DO YOU SEE HER? there’s some leg, a sweater and a slice of lily-pale skin.


==> Here’s Kat getting her kawaii goth on!


oh for modesty’s sake *facepalm*
I asked not to get too crotch-in-camera and Kat smartly covered up. WITH THE TINIEST LITTLE HELLO KITTY RACCOON BEAR THING. it was too cute ;o;


Does this need a caption? 😀 no, no I don’t think so either.

as we wrapped up, we had time for a group pic.




and with that, our pastel goth shoot for MadModesty came to an end (and everyone scurried to food)! Stick around for Alana’s pictures in next post. Are you excited to see the results of our shenanigans? I sure am!


Can’t wait for the pictures and want to get shopping? Here’s some of the items featured in this post:

Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.02.25   Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.02.58   Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.03.45
Cute Cow Hairclips             Winged space cadet pin       Cute cow rings

shirt-bubblesface3   Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.24.19   Screen Shot 2018-02-01 at 13.24.30
Unicorn cat T-shirt             3-eyed cat sweater             undercover goth sweater


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