Giveaway !

Ooohh how exciting! Free stuff!

With the launch of the new webshop, all fitted tees went on sale at half off.
Because I’m all about encouraging people to ditch the dull, I put together some outfit suggestions for these shirts.

All you have to do to win the giveaway is pick a favourite outfit from the ones below,
Then you share the promotional image of that outfit on facebook and VOILA! you’re in the running.

Sadly the giveaway is over, but please keep checking back for new promotions! 

Now you’re probably thinking “jeesh, all this work, what can we WIN already??”
You can win one of the following totes, shipped for free all the way to you from BELGIUM:


so get ready, set, PICK YOUR OUTFIT!

Outfit 1: spring cats
Using soft colours like offwhites and mint, you get a girly, breezy outfit.
I added cute gray ankle socks with cat print to match the T-shirt and balance the outfit.
Colourful bracelets in transparants and natural materials add some colour without overpowering.

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Outfit 2: lilac goth
here I decided to plainly go with the shirt’s colours and stick to black and lilac.
Because the shirt is cute, but tough, I also tried to incorporate these elements using a cute bat winged back pack, black and purple sneakers, gradient tights and glitter legwarmers.
This makes for a cute goth look: badass but girly!


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Outfit 3: summer oversize
You can get creative by buying a T-shirt far larger than your actual size. This way it fits as an oversize tee and you can wear it differently. Here I chose to do a simple, elegant outfit, using an oversize T-shirt (unisex L).
I paired it with a white, textured skirt to create a light, airy outfit, used matching shoes to tie in the shirt and added a bit of glam using a black patented belt and purse.


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Outfit 4: Rockababy
To show you can really use cute shirts for ANY type of fashion, I wanted to cater to tough chicks, too!
Here I went for a punkrock theme, using studs and spikes and layering accessories (to fit in MORE studs!). I used textures to go for a grungier look like snake skin in the leggings and splatter in the jacket with some tattered sleeves!
Of course it’s important to balance all this with CUTE, so I went for a pleated school girl skirt and cute coca cola purse. the studded garter has a heart buckle and the gray socks with gems tie the colours together.


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Outfit 5: sweet rock

not because you like pink and cute things, that you are to be messed with!
Here’s a black and pink cat themed outfit.
I paired the pink bubbles shirt with a cropped pleather jacket so you can still see the tail from the back. The jacket matches the comfy black leggings with pleather inserts and studded head band.
The pink is balanced by cute, ruffly wrist cuffs and ridiculously cute biker boots.


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Outfit 6 : Mermaid Princess

I figured I’d go completely over the top for the last outfit.
the shirt itself is pink with a purple and holographic print so I added pink gradient tights to tie in the shirt colour, as well as a cute bracelet.
For the purple, I went with soft lilacs in the skirt and purse and added a brooch and bracelet to tie it all together.
To use the holographic of the print, I went with a sparkly blue vintage jacket, a holographic bow belt and sparkly blue jelly shoes.

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wow, that was something, wasn’t it?
Did you find something to your taste? find out how to share it on your social media and win that tote:

the winner MUST “like” the madmodesty page in order to get the prize.


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