DOKOMI 2015 – Day1

ahh Dokomi. I LOVE dokomi *-*
so be prepared for a picture-heavy post!

Lin and I always visit the Japanese gardens first. They’re small, but really pretty!


Day 1:

The convention mood started off early with an outside booth!DSC_0020

WHO thought of this? not sure if lame or brilliant! 😀


OMG it’s Rei! Rei never gets enough love. I think he’s awesome but Lin is always going all “ooohhh Harruuuu, Oooohhhh Riinnn” ;D


Time to set up the table! (we did all the big work the day before, my frame-setup-skills mocked by our neighbour, who thankfully helped with logical insight, which I clearly lack!)


We got identical booths to last year, so we were next to Sara from Fluff ‘n Tuff again! YAY!

I learned very quickly these shoes were not sensible 😦



Digimon is FAR more popular in Germany than in Belgium or the Netherlands. GATOMON IS MY FAVE, YAY ! Then there’s 2 girls that just looked STUNNING omg *-*

I don’t know what they’re cosplaying, but they looked fantastic! They were also super sweetttt!! I love how many people in Germany speak English VERY well *-*
Then I fell in love, plain as day. JUST LOOK AT HER!! Turns out it’s from a German Rock opera ON SKATES!! I watched part of it on youtube, butttt my German is really bad so I didn’t get too far.


Oh maaannnnn, I love pastel goth fashion and she looks amazing! Germany is waaayyyy ahead in J-fashion. They’re also more … put together?


OMG I chased these girls down the fashion area. frantically pointing and saying weird things.  Poor things! 😀


Then we have a super elegant lolita (like I said, really finished looks!) and up next is my SECOND big love of the day 😀 this girl looked amazing and her horse-part looked SO real and IT MOVED, IT WALKED SO REALISTICALLY AND SHE WAS TOO SWEET *loses it*

okay, let’s continue with Lin’s Free! crowd:


My brother has been away to Riga for 6 months for an internship for school. He was returning this day and his flight landed in Düsseldorf, where my parents came to pick him up. and HE STOPPED BYYYYYY, I missed him SO much *-* (he HATES pictures so these are rare:)



More fluff ‘n tuff! I love their sleek, well put together style!
Time to get back to our hotel! Sara and I always stay in the same one, but she was going out to dinner with her BF, sadly 😦 so Lin and I watched EUROSONG in our pj’s on our own. IT WAS SO MUCH FUN OMG

DSC_0075DSC_0082 Lin’s trophies for they day! (funny how this one girl had bought both the smaller plushies and got a discount to a round number, then lin went and bought them at the same stall and DIDN’T GET IT! she did get a small freebie, which she proceeded to FORGET :”) I love her stupid face so much ❤ )


then the real fun started:


I LOVE making her laugh so bad she can’t breathe. she turns beet red and starts snorting. it’s my mission in life ❤


Good niiiigggghhhttttttt !



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