Tsunacon 2015

So I finally got around to starting my blog, I meant to do this exactly a year ago, so I have a bunch of backlogged images and shout-outs. At first I wanted to skip these, but I met such nice and amazing people, I decided to post them anyway and we’re starting with the convention season opener:


I always look forward to tsunacon, It’s well organised, cozy, I get a nice profit and It’s one of the most FUN conventions!


All set up, ready to go!
I LOVE seeing people in MadModesty stuff, it honestly, truly, deeply touches me.


The cosplayers are also very friendly and super diverse!!


vlogger Rei in an AWESOME portal cosplay – Hogwarts = my people ;o;


Rin goes crazy about these guys. like seriously, CRAZY crazy. when they turn the corner, I lose her. the people of free! all seem to unite around her. this happens at tsunacon, abunai and dokomi. she’s the queen of free!

And afterwards we get to got TO BURGER KING OMY YASS (we don’t have any in Belgium)




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