Made in Asia 2015

the BIGGEST, CRAZIEST and probably last made in asia we ever attended!
The booth I managed to snag, was really well located and it was EXTREMELY busy. (to the point where people got dragged in a steady stream and no one could buy anything for the first half day) but first, lin setting up our booth before all hell broke loose:


DSC_0389.JPGDSC_0384DSC_0391.JPGShe’s just SO unbelievably CUTE *-* I want to throw glitter at her face.

moving on! 😀 one of the perks of being a dealer is getting to check out the con bfore people get all in the way:


Then our buds started showing up for their jobs (not at my booth)

DSC_0420.JPGDSC_0422.JPG(recognise her? the awesome, amazing modelface that she is!)

CB is my oldest customer, it’s ridiculous. He’s got portraits I did from way back when all the way up to now!! ❤ he looks great with Jiri, they’re the cutest!

DSC_0427 Aki is so pretty. I met her at one of the earlier editions of MIA! she’s mega sweet and always takes the time to come and say hi.

DSC_0429 Bee modeled for MadModesty as well, she’s a flawless doll. It’s a shame my pictures never seem to do her justice. 😦


Sara is my biggest competition. 😀 She runs fluff ‘n tuff . we started up together and do the same events. (we’re not enemies! we share loads of advice and experience and have tons of funn!!!! 😀 )

Sooooo since I introduced everyone, let’s talk MIA.
It was HOT, it was COLD. It was so busy, I thought my booth would get pushed down. It got so slow, I wanted to take a nap. All in all we sold out of a few items, but the investment that is MIA, resulted in a low profit. I’d still love to go, but they changed organisation and they changed rules, forcing me to get a booth I won’t be able to afford. This makes me sad 😦 We attended EVERY edition from the first one up until now.

I believe Dutch comic con will be filling the gap in 2016 though, they’re just starting out so I’m curious to check them out, competing against MIA and the dutch version.

DSC_0451 <—- so tired I can’t even selfie anymore.


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